every person has the power to create incredible ripples of change on the world simply by choosing to believe that they can make a difference 


make an impact

At The Well Co. we believe that each and every person has the power to create incredible ripples of change on the world simply by choosing to believe that they can make a difference.

We’re here to help show you how you can get started.


Start at home

The best place to start making an impact is right at home. Take a look around in your kitchen, bathroom, and backyard and notice where you can make improvements that support your health, the health of your family, and the health of your environment

Some great places to start are:

Choose Ethically Made & Sourced Consumer Products

Reduce The Plastic Waste You Bring Into Your Home

Opt For Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Plant A Garden and Get Your Kids Involved

Shop At The Farmers Market To Support Your Local Farmers

Switch To Safer Skincare Products

Compost Your Kitchen Scraps To Reduce Food Waste

What We Provide

Support Local

Every single person has a local community and environment that they can dramatically improve and support. It only takes one highly motivated and passionate person to create inspire community engagement capable of making sustainable impact.

How You Can Support Local

Shop At Your Local Farmers Market And Join A CSA

Support Pollinators By Buying Local Honey

Attend Local Policy Meetings And Advocate For Improved Waste Management And Zero-Waste/Plastic Free Business Policies

Organize A Local Park Or Beach Clean Up

Volunteer At Your Local Farm or Farmers Market

Get Kids Involved With A School Gardening Program



Want to improve your sustainability and public health education? Interested in becoming an advocate for sustainability and global health equity?

For those interested in adopting a more sustainable lifestyle, and improving the health of themselves and those around them we have created a variety of online courses and guides to help get you started today

Note: We are currently in the process of developing a sustainability advocacy training course, kids workshop, and materials to support social impact entrepreneurs (Coming Fall 2019).


Policy Matters

Climate and global health issues that impact the health and well-being of all people and the planet should be issues that no matter your personal politics we can all come together on.

State, federal, and global policies have an enormous impact on public health and environmentally positive regulations, research, and sustainable development.


get involved

Want to become involved in the work we are doing at The Well Co.?

We are always looking to partner with like minded people, advocacy networks, and social enterprises.

Send us an email about how you would like to get involved with our work and we will respond back as soon as possible