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about the well co.


We are global health storytellers, strategists, creatives, and advocates.

We use strategic communications and advocacy to motivate and encourage action that drives global change



At The Well Co. we aim to communicate, educate and inspire sustainability, transparency, and long-lasting change in our global health system. We believe in the power effective communications strategies can have in improving global health, and are driven to utilize communication tools and strategies as a means for unifying global citizens of the world.

We believe that through compelling storytelling and community focused communications we can positively impact social justice in our food system and health equity globally.

Simply put, we get people to care, because when people care they are motivated to change, and that is when sustainable impact really happens.

why the well co.

The Well Co. was founded by Megan Faletra (MS, MPH, RDN) when she witnessed the increasing need that social enterprises and non-profits had for strategic communications to ensure that their findings and social impact could reach intended users for maximum impact.

While many organizations have invested heavily in research, fundraising, and analysis, most are missing the key element to ensuring scalable, sustainable, long-term impact — strategic communications.

So The Well Co. was founded to aid social impact organizations in inspiring and engaging two way dialogues with global audiences while also providing the qualified support needed to help grow and develop long-term global health and sustainability programs.

the well co


At The Well Co. our clients are busy conducting research, implementing programs, developing products, and working to make the lives of those they serve better. We bring that work to life by translating complex global health, nutrition, and sustainability data into compelling communications and advocacy that encourage global action.

With more organizations looking to make a positive social impact, the need for strategic global health communications and storytelling has never been more necessary. This is where The Well Co. works with our clients to provide the professional global health, sustainability, and nutrition skills required to support the sustainable goals of the clients we serve. From developing impact reports, to long-term social media and visual communications strategies we help our clients engage global citizens around the world to improve interest, funding, and overall impact.


Megan Faletra (MS, MPH, RDN) is an experienced global health dietitian, sustainability advocate, and founder of The Well Co. and The Well Essentials (a consumer focused sustainable living platform). 

As a global health professional, Megan is passionate about addressing social justice in our food system, and health equity globally. She has worked on food security, water security, and public health nutrition programs throughout the developing world, and has experienced first hand through her field work the needs of those living in poverty everyday.

Using her global health nutrition and communications background, Megan works with social impact driven organizations to create positive change through powerful global health and sustainability focused communications programs and education. Her work featured in Rodale's Organic Life, Forbes Magazine, Mind Body Green, The Huffington Post, and may more online publications.


You will always find Megan with a positive outlook on life, and a smile on her face. She believes that in order to be a true environmentalist and humanitarian, one must also be an eternal optimist. Her mission is to help others discover what it means to re-connect with their food, culture, and daily choices to create social change in our global food system, and sustainable health equity globally.

Her life’s motto is “if you can get people to care, you can get them to change” and she’s pretty darn good at getting people to do both.


Master of Science: International Food Policy and Applied Nutrition - Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition

Master of Public Health: Global Public Health (MPH) - Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston MA

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) - Clinically Trained at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston MA

Water Systems Science and Society Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate - Tufts Institute Of The Environment

Sustainable Food Systems Communications Certificate - Kiss The Ground

Feinstein International Center Fellow